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Digital Auditing in Insulation – Providing an innovative, effective and MIDS safe system solution to the insulation industry for Audit purposes – Seen through a wide range of product applications.​

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Who we are

MIDSSAFE was formed to develop MIDS. MIDS – Our Material & Insulation Detection System, is a digital solution for auditing insulation, and centres around providing a level, fair and equitable playing field within the insulation industry. The MIDSSAFE team has a unique wealth of experience, combining not only years of ‘hands on’ involvement within the insulation industry (installing and manufacturing) but also in sensor technology. With the pairing of our unique skill set and the MIDS system, we aim to combat current quality issues and improve safety standards in all insulation industry sectors.


What we do 

The MIDS system makes installed insulation digital by using sensor technology. It provides a standard for the Manufacturer in product use,
security for the installer and an easier audit function for the Inspection bodies.

The MIDS system is an ideal ‘match’ for insulation industry audits as once a product is installed, in many instances, it is difficult to determine and guarantee the use of a specified product, non-destructively.

On the larger scale, the system will provide for better quality of installed insulation, with added, longer-term assurance for the Homeowner.

MIDS will provide solutions within the industry, for the ensured insulation applications of External Wall Insulation (EWI), Internal Wall Insulation (IWI), Under Floor Insulation (UFI), Room in Roof Insulation (RIRI), Loft Insulation and for Cavity Wall Insulation methods.


Traceable Solution

We provide a platform and traceable solution to the insulation industry – With solutions for every stage of the
installation/audit trail. We create and provide the material encoded sensors for the Product Manufacturer for delivery to the nominated and approved installer.

Installed Sensors

The sensors are installed through the respective installation process and are subsequently scanned by the Audit Assessor to ensure that the right insulation has been installed and that it covers the whole area.

Audit Compliance

The whole process is recorded and traced within MIDS for every installation and provides a full process for each job, from start to finish, uniquely matched to the needs of our client base.


Who we work with

Management Agents

Inspection Audit Companies


System Designers


Local Authorities

Housing Associations

House Builders / Modular

Traced and recorded
for every installation

The MIDS solution provides for a reduction in audit failures and an increase in the number of audits undertaken. It is a unique digital process for inspection purposes, providing assurance for correct product usage and a much-needed platform, to improve quality and safety standards in insulation methods.

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